• Avaiability:Avaiable in all kind of fastenings
  • Bore:from 40mm to 1400mm
  • Stroke:till 11000 mm (or longer for telescopic cylinders)
  • Rod:always with a high thickness chromium plating. Can be hardened, nickel plated, nitrided etc. according to request
  • Jackets:chrome plated or nitrided according to request
  • Cushioning:standard or special according to request
  • Feeding Ports:any kind avaiable (SAE - CETOP - GAS - NPT - etc)
  • Construction:completely steel-made or stainless steel made, aluminium alloy or other special materials
  • Accessories:On request: internal or external linear transducers, encoders, proximity sensors, control valves, balancing valves, securiry and maximum pressure valves

Product Features:

It can be applied in occasions where it is necessary to lift heavy equipment. It is mainly used in ports and jacking crane equipment.

Port crane lifting cylinder

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